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Here you'll find all of the music from Chuck Marohnic's Word-Reborn Projects including all 150 Psalms, The Beatitudes, many of the most beloved Parables, and his latest works — the Stories of the Bible. The recorded albums produced from these works are all available digitally on iTunes.

Each downloadable product (sheet music, audio files, accompaniment tracks) is compiled with care. If you have any questions or needs regarding the package you receive, please feel free to contact us @ info@msw.org or email Chuck@msw.org.


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Candy Cotton

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Psalms Reborn-Carol Rogers
Psalms Reborn - Carl Herrgesell
The Beatitudes Reborn
Psalms Reborn Vol1/1-50
Psalms Reborn Vol2/51-100
Psalms Reborn Vol3/101-150
Psalms Reborn Selections
The Lost People
A Cool Brassy Night...
The Call
Seeds.... Justice for the Earth
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White Feather
White Feather
Igniting a passion for God's WORD

The Word Reborn Project is musical innovation and exploration of the Holy Bible's Book of Psalms, The Sermon on the Mount, and the Parables of Jesus using the language of modern music, including jazz, rock, funk, R&B, and world music. 

Original, inspiring compositions make The Word Reborn the perfect resource for music educators, and band or worship leaders.

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