The Psalms Reborn Project

Compositions Inspired by the Book of Psalms

Psalms Reborn is part of a living, growing, vision (The Word Reborn) with music and lyrics inspired by the Holy Book of Psalms — composed, written, and arranged by Chuck Marohnic.
He shares more about this project's beginning in a blog he wrote - [read it]. 


Psalms Reborn now includes all one-hundred and fifty Psalms in worship-ready packages with lead-sheets, sheet music for instruments, and vocalists, accompaniment and vocal practice tracks, and Chuck's contact information if you should have any questions about the music.


The Psalms Search Tool makes it easy to select the right song for the right group - with music style, Psalmic theme, and skill level. Full-length recordings are free on various streaming sites. We hope you will hear the Holy Spirit's still small voice as you listen and enjoy... 
The WORD Reborn in Modern Music - through Psalms Reborn! 



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