• Chuck Marohnic

The Jazz Psalms Renamed!

"The Jazz Psalms Project officially began in the summer of 2011. While practicing Lectio Divina, the ancient reflective practice of repetitive slow reading of Holy Scripture, I began to hear music from each of the Psalms.

As the songs were written, the reality of the eclectic nature and powerful influence of the music became increasingly apparent. Some Psalms had Latin grooves, hip-hop, pop, jazz, and even country. Now the project proudly displays music from all over the world, a testimony that proclaims God's holy Word from the Book of Psalms to people of all cultures. Having reached this conclusion, we at Music Serving The Word Ministries felt the need to create a new name that appropriately addresses this project with a global focus. As a result, we have happily changed the name to Psalms Reborn, and we look forward to new ways of introducing this music from the Holy Book of Psalms to the world.

In July of 2016, I officially completed all 150 of the Psalms. They are now all published and posted at"

Chuck Marohnic

Psalms Reborn Composer

Igniting a passion for God's WORD

The Word Reborn Project is musical innovation and exploration of the Holy Bible's Book of Psalms, The Sermon on the Mount, and the Parables of Jesus using the language of modern music, including jazz, rock, funk, R&B, and world music. 

Original, inspiring compositions make The Word Reborn the perfect resource for music educators, and band or worship leaders.

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